The benefits at a glance

One Citkar – many advantages

Suitable for cycle paths

As a pedelec with an electric motor, the Citkar is approved for use both on the road and on bike paths. This way you stay flexible and can easily ride past traffic jams.

High payload

With a payload of up to 235 kg, the Citkar is a real load master. You can transport your goods either on the loading area or in one of the transport boxes.


In the weatherproof cabin you arrive dry at your destination. It also offers enough space for bags and utensils.

Eco-friendly and economical

As an electrically powered cargo bike with recyclable bodywork, the Citkar emits no pollutants. The batteries can be easily recharged at any power outlet.

Secure and reliable

Each Citkar is equipped with the latest e-bike technology and is enhanced with components from the automotive sector, so that comfort and safety are guaranteed.

Parking at the door

You can park anywhere without having to pay for a ticket. With a width of 98 cm, the Citkar fits through (almost) everywhere, so you can get straight to your destination.

Modularity in structure

The different loading areas and boxes, as well as an optional trailer, transport goods of (almost) all sizes from A to B without any problems.

Driving license-, tax-, insurancefree

Pedelecs do not require a driving license or tax and do not need insurance. For optimal comprehensive insurance, you can take out a policy with our partner hepster.


The federal and state governments of Germany support the switch to e-cargo bikes. We will be happy to advise you on the funding options for your Citkar.

Citkar Pick-up

  • Weatherproof cabin
  • Loading area up to one euro pallet
  • Flexible use of the loading area
  • Up to 235 kg payload
  • Affordable and eligible

Citkar Delivery

  • Wind- and weather-protected
  • Box with 640 litres or 1,550 litres
  • Loading area up to one euro pallet
  • Up to 200 kg payload
  • Roomy cabin

Citkar Delivery Max

  • Wind- and weather-protected
  • Tarp body with 640 litres or 1,550 litres
  • Loading possible from three sides
  • Loading area up to one Euro pallet
  • Up to 215 kg payload

24h-mobility guarantee

  • Fully comprehensive insurance in the event of breakdowns, accidents, theft or operating errors
  • 24h-emergency service incl. mobile breakdown service
  • Towing, recovery, return transport, scrapping
  • Replacement vehicle and wear and tear
    (excluding brakes, tires and battery)
  • Onward and return journey
  • Without deductible

Financing options

All Citkar models are eligible for financing as e-cargo bikes at both the state and federal levels in Germany. For example, a new programme introduced on 1 March 2021 by the German Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA) will reimburse companies, associations and public institutions for 25 percent, but no more than 2,500 euros, of the expenses for electrically powered cargo bikes and bucket trailers. This new grant also allows for the consolidation of federal and state funds. We or our local Premium Partners are happy to advise you on which state or federal programme is right for your project and help you through the application process.

Possible promotion up to 0

0.1 ton CO2


72 DHL Package M


0.19 € /km


5.5 m2


5 seconds


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