Consulting, development, production. The mobile future from one source

Citkar is dedicated to the planning and development of modern, efficient and above all sustainable mobility concepts. This is where classic engineering knowledge meets e-mobility visions.

Our vision

Citkar improves urban mobility with climate-neutral alternatives that move and inspire.

Our mission

Citkar paves the way for the city’s future-oriented, sustainable e-mobility with the help of needs-based transport solutions that stand out for their design, functionality and value for money.

Today for tomorrow

For a long time, we have been concerned about the environment and climate and, not least, the question of what kind of world we and our children want to live in. Mobility is changing. And we are all right in the middle of it.

At Citkar, we work on environmentally friendly transportation and locomotion solutions that pay attention to the future, improve close city life and livability.

From the idea to implementation

A bicycle with a roof and a transport box? What began as a prototype in 2013 is now the basis of a new mobility. With the Citkar, a symbiosis of e-bike and commercial vehicle, we are rethinking last-mile transport and implementing modern standards in a practical way.

We are constantly working on further development, also thanks to the feedback of our customers. Citkar has created a product that addresses and masters logistical challenges of many industries.

Your contact Partners

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Andreas Schäfer


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Note for people interested in the Citkar

We are continuously expanding our network of Premium Partners so that you receive the best service right next door. If there is no dealer near you, please contact us directly or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to inform you about new Premium Partners.

In Berlin. In Europe. For a new mobility.

Citkar – Pioneer of the Mobile Future

We don’t just observe, we tackle the future of mobility. In cooperation with other stakeholders from the industry, we work to bring together the interests of private individuals, companies and politics to jointly drive progress. Our experience and solutions strengthen Berlin as a location for innovation and at the same time also the expansion of green, sustainable mobility.

In various associations, Citkar is committed to the mobility revolution, which can only succeed in cooperation with the various players. However, driving bans are not conducive to achieving this goal. A proper, people- and environment-centred change must be linked to incentives, innovations, and ultimately individual benefits for everyone.