Frequently Asked Questions

If available and indicated by traffic signs, the Citkar may and must be driven on bicycle lanes. If a bicycle lane is damaged or not available, you may also use the road. Pursuant to German road traffic regulations (VwV-StVO, para. 23 to Section 2), the following is permitted when bikes are required to use bicycle lanes:

“Generally, there is no objection to the users of other bicycles [such as multi-track cargo bicycles and bicycles with trailers] not using the bicycle lane if the use of this is unreasonable in the circumstances of each individual case.”

There are no parking restrictions for cargo bikes or rental bicycles used for transportation purposes and only parked temporarily. Like cars, bicycles may also be parked lengthwise on the right side of the road in Germany. However, according to German road traffic regulations (StVO), they must be sufficiently illuminated in the dark. To do this, you can use a red and white reflective parking warning sign, for example, as is usually the case with car trailers.

Parking is also permitted in low-traffic zones (play streets) and on the pavement, squares, or in pedestrian zones. You may, however, not obstruct pedestrians and wheelchair users, and emergency escape routes must be kept clear.

Motorised, the Citkar can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h, after which the electronics block – as required by law for pedelecs.

When the battery charge is low, the motor electronics will give off an early warning. If you continue to use the Citkar, it will give off another warning before the motor switches off. You must now charge the empty battery or replace it with a spare battery. You can continue to use the Citkar with the pedals, but you will only manage a speed of 1 to 2 km/h even if you pedal at sporty speed. This is because there is a lot of weight to move and the motion generated by the pedals is not transmitted directly to the axle, but (as with a generator) to the drive motor.

The Citkar has been created as a cargo bike for one person. If demand is high enough, Citkar is also thinking of designing and manufacturing a two-person model.

No, you don’t need a driving licence to operate the Citkar. According to DIN EN 15194 or pursuant to Section 1 StVG paragraph 3 of the German law on road traffic, the Citkar is considered a pedelec.

The Citkar provides you with several security options. You must create your own code and enter this on the display to unlock the drive system. The battery holders can be locked to stop the batteries from being removed. Furthermore, you can also use a classic mechanical lock and/or chain (neither are included) to secure the Citkar.

The Citkar is constructed on a steel chassis. It has a large transport area, which is located above the rear axle and can bear a payload of up to 235 kg. For protection against wind and weather, a driver’s cab can be mounted on the spring-loaded construction. With its four wheels and low centre of gravity, the Citkar is as stable as a car and also resembles it in driving behaviour. It is therefore much safer to ride than a conventional bicycle. Braking sharply – especially in wet conditions – is much less dangerous than on a two- or three-wheeler, where there is a high risk of falling and injury.

Many cargo bikes have two or three wheels and no protection against the weather. Its four wheels make the Citkar stable and safe to ride and, with its steering wheel, it is more like a car. The cabin walls provide effective protection from wind and weather.

Citkar produces utility vehicles for commercial suppliers. If you’re interested in having a Citkar as a private individual, please subscribe to our newsletter. When/If the Citkar series becomes available for private buyers, we will announce it in the newsletter.

Questions about purchasing/leasing/service

Our leasing model does not include the purchase of the Citkar at residual value. However, if you are interested in purchasing one without leasing, please get in touch with us.

Every 3,000 kilometres or every six months. The leasing charges include maintenance (except when the Citkar is being used at factories). Spare parts are charged separately.

Theft and robbery are usually covered by partial coverage insurance. However, if you’re a contractor or run a business, please check with your insurance to see if any instances exist in your particular case that may require you to extend commercial insurance coverage in case your Citkar is stolen.

For such eventualities, Citkar provides a 24-hour telephone hotline. In Berlin and Brandenburg, our service vehicle will come to you within 24 hours to repair the Citkar or to bring you a replacement. Between 8 am and 6 pm, we have service vehicles available near our major customers. Repair and maintenance centres throughout Germany are already in planning and should be available soon. Spare parts can be purchased directly from Citkar. There is an exception for customers with Citkars in use at factories: Citkar can train in-house personnel in maintenance and repair work to enable these to be carried out independently and without delay. If any spare parts are needed, customers can stock order these. Otherwise, they will be dispatched to your factory by express delivery.

If you wish to apply for a state grant in Germany, we will be glad to help you with the application process. For this, you will need a quotation from us, which you can use in your grant application. You can only order a Citkar after your application has been approved. After you have submitted all required documentation, you will receive your grant directly from the grant authorities.

In addition to the lease payments, you will also have to pay for the insurance (third-party liability & partial coverage) as well as the electricity costs for charging the batteries. You do not have to purchase insurance when you lease or buy a Citkar. Spare parts that are subject to wear and tear, or which do not need to be replaced due to material defects, can be purchased directly from Citkar.

We offer businesspeople a 36- or 48-month leasing plan. Additionally, it is also possible to purchase and rent a Citkar.

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