Citkar Delivery

Technical data

Motor serial hybrid system
Drive modeRear-wheel drive
Gearelectronic circuit
Rated continuous power
(maximum power)
250 W (1,3 kW)
BAFA funding
(Germany only)
2,500 €
Maximum load200 kg
Loading volume700 liter
Battery capacity (AES)1.440 Wh per battery
Charging time per battery3-4 hours
Range without /
with second battery
up to 40 / 80 km


Robust plastic bodyBlack metallic
Exterior mirror with indicatorSerial
Side / rear indicatorsSerial
Cornering light 150 LUX IQ-X E Busch & MüllerSerial
Rear lights with brake lightSerial
Reverse gearSerial
Approach assistance up to 6 km/hSerial
Water bottle holderSerial
Cell phone holder with USB portSerial
Ergonomically adjustable seatSerial


External dimensions

Length: 3.01 m
Width: 1,00 m
Height: 1.79 m

Interior dimensions box structure

Length: 0,67 m
Width: 0,96 m
Height: 1.12 m


Leaf spring double wishbone front Serial
Progressive independent rear suspensionSerial
20 inch rims with hydraulic disc brake Serial

Anti-theft protection

PIN lock of the motorSerial
Lockable battery compartmentsSerial