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DocumentationLanguageAs ofDownload / preview
citkar Loadster Basic model, features & pricesEnglish 4 January 2021Download (ZIP)
citkar Brand manual incl. fontsEnglish4 December 2020Download (ZIP)
Loadster Images & citkar logoEnglish4 December 2020Download (ZIP)
Loadster Images with white backgroundEnglish14 January 2021Download (ZIP)
citkar Brochure LoadsterGerman4 December 2020Download (PDF)
citkar List of spare parts LoadsterEnglish4 January 2021Download (PDF)
citkar Loadster insurance packageGerman4 December 2020Download (ZIP)
citkar FlyerGerman4 December 2020Download (PDF)
citkar Maintenance planGerman4 December 2020Download (PDF)
citkar Loadster ManualGerman15 January 2021Download (PDF)
List of grants in DACH regionEnglishOpen (Website)

Check here to see current availability:

Model / features Availability
Loadster PureAvailable
Loadster LifeAvailable
Loadster MaxAvailable
Box 640 litresAvailable
Box 1,350 litresAvailable
Cool box 100 litresOn request
Trailer couplingOn request