Two technologies – one vehicle

Description of the main technologies


Test drives and short term rental

You can test drive the Citkar at the production facility in Berlin or at one of the more than 30 dealers and get advice. For a longer practical test, you can rent the Citkar for a maximum of four weeks.

The Citkar is a serial hybrid

In a conventional bicycle, human power is transmitted to the drive wheel via the chain. In the serial hybrid, this is done by a cable. Here, the human power is converted into electrical power by the generator (analogous to a turbine in a waterworks). This energy is used together with that from the battery to drive the motor when pedaling. This is connected to a differential via a motorcycle chain. Its power is transmitted to the wheels via the drive shafts with the help of the differential.

A major advantage of this system is the absence of a long, diverted chain to the drive wheels, as such chain solutions in the cargo bike sector tend to come off or break due to the high loads. A PIN is needed to start the vehicle, without which pedaling is possible, but the software does not start the engine.
Even maneuvering in reverse is easy with a serial hybrid.

The system used in the Citkar was developed by Mando Halla Company, a global supplier to the automotive industry, including BMW, Volkswagen and Nissan, with over 11,000 employees worldwide.

Highest quality in processing

The easy way into digitalisation

  • Complete digital maintenance thanks to Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete
  • High transparency in the use of vehicles thanks to regular reports on operating times, kilometres driven, average speed and CO2 emissions
  • Schedulability of times for vehicle maintenance through proactive notification when maintenance is due
  • Availability and transparency of service work thanks to digital service and maintenance booklet
  • Precise localisation in case of emergency, e.g. theft and unauthorised use
  • Available across Europe


Research for the mobility of the future – FaSTTUBe

With FaSTTUBe, the Formula Student Team of the Technical University of Berlin, Citkar is working together as an official sponsor on research into electrically powered vehicles. Since 2005, almost 80 students have dedicated themselves annually to the construction of racing cars with which they participate in competitions throughout Europe. Since 2018, the focus has also been on electric cars. The interdisciplinary teams from engineering, economics and other sciences are setting the course for the future of the mobility industry in the areas of design, production, management and finance.

Dein Citkar wartet bereits auf dich.