Mobile Corona test stations start operation in Berlin

Berlin, 4.6.2021 – citkar and isicargo for urban mobility support Coronabike project

For several months now, mobile Corona test stations on cargo bikes have been on the road in Berlin’s districts seven days a week. Without an appointment, passers-by can spontaneously test themselves on one of the currently more than 10 “Coronabikes” free of charge and thus make it easier to use the increasingly open gastronomy and cultural offerings.

Also for their own safety and that of others in daily commuter traffic or in the office, they complement the stationary test centers in the urban area. Thus, the Coronabikes in Berlin have contributed significantly to the relaxation.


The “Coronabike” is the brainchild and initiative of six Berliners who, with the support of the Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit, Pflege und Gleichstellung (Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality), have set themselves the goal of making city life safer in times of pandemic. The mobile test centers are on the road in all city districts and especially in places where many people are present and where stationary testing facilities are currently lacking, e.g. in public parks, at train stations, in shopping streets, on squares or in the outskirts. In the future, up to 30 cargo bikes will be used to travel through Berlin’s city traffic in a climate-friendly, fast and flexible manner.


The project was certified by the Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit, Pflege und Gleichstellung and is supported by the Berlin mobility companies isicargo for urban mobility and citkar. These provided the required electrically powered cargo bikes in a very short time and put them on the road.

The different single- and double-track vehicles enable demand-oriented deployment at Berlin’s hotspots and uncomplicated logistics operations. For this purpose, the bikes are used as test stations, laboratories and storage areas. Due to its generous loading area, citkar’s Loadster is used not only as a test vehicle, but also for deliveries to the sites. In this way, the Berlin “Coronabikes” help to make public life safer by allowing Berliners to be tested without an appointment and receive the result on their own cell phone after 15 minutes.