Deutsche Telekom tests citkar’s Loadster

The customer base of the cargo bike manufacturer citkar is constantly expanding due to the interest in the Loadster cargo bike. Now the first DAX group among is among citkar’s customers: Loadsters have been in test use for the Deutsche Telekom AG telecommunications company at the Münster and Berlin locations since November 2020.

citkar CEO Jonas Kremer is pleased to have won Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunications company in Europe, for a test with the Loadster:

“citkar’s goal is to improve urban mobility with solutions that add value and inspire. We are therefore particularly pleased that Telekom tests the possibilities of our cargo bike in everyday use in customer service. “

Since 2017 Telekom has been piloting alternative mobility concepts in service to gain experience with alternative vehicles for their 8,000 technicians to complete their 30,000 daily orders and to get to the customer on time. The colleagues should get to the customer quickly, comfortably and efficiently. This should be done as environmentally and resource-friendly as possible. Cargo bikes offer the opportunity to get past traffic jams without further burdening the city centres and can park directly in front of their destination. In addition to e-bikes and electric vehicles, scooters are also currently being tested. The advantage of the Loadster is the high payload, so that the technician has tools, material and measuring devices on board. Thanks to the driver’s cab, it can also be used in bad weather.

citkar started series production of the Loadster cargo bike in October 2020. The manufacture in Berlin-Marzahn currently has a monthly capacity of 160 vehicles, which is scalable upwards. citkar is thus positioning itself as a reliable and innovative manufacturer that can serve its customers in the rapidly growing cargo bike segment with three models and two bodies each (closed box or flatbed). The insurance cooperation with the digital insurer hepster enables a carefree commercial life with the Loadster with fully comprehensive insurance, insurance cover and Europe-wide 24-hour emergency aid. A video for the start of the large-scale series can be found here.